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“A fun creative workout for the mind” - employee at HSBC

Rapid Re-imagining (RR)™ is the creative chat and data tool for fast, inclusive design and innovation


On-demand expertise marketplace

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Chat template design and set up

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Innovation social data & analytics


Rapid Re-imagining (RR)™: in action


Re-imagining the future workplace with HSBC

A ground breaking global employee innovation programme generated 18 new ideas for new projects in just 2 weeks

Co-EQ™: a new OSX for innovation

Transform collaborative conversations into new problems, solutions and projects.

Co-EQ™ is our machine algorithm that we use to identify, tag and log action-based keywords from transcripts, after your chat event you receive a full set of data and analytics where your communities can manage their data privacy and permissions.

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For purpose-led people and collaborative leaders

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Activate your people. Monetise collective intelligence. Find your next social mission.

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Create your own curriculum and templates for your clients. Whitelabel available.

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Access independent and diverse external experts to spark new thinking and doing. Enterprise data solution available.

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Start a conversation about the future with friends and family. Turn lived experiences into a new revenue stream.



Passionate and visionary strategists, data scientists, technologists and systems designers working to build a new business model for purpose-driven innovation. 

We call this Return On Shared Ideas (ROSI)™